No! Dulscojobs’ services are FREE to all job seekers.
To search for Jobs, you do not need to be registered; however, to apply for positions and manage applications you will need to register and sign in to Dulscojobs.
Absolutely. You may change your profile and registration details at any time by clicking the ‘Edit Registration’ tab on your My Space page.
Yes! Protecting your contact information is a vital part of Dulscojobs’ mission. Our optional confidential feature allows your contact information to remain invisible.
If you have forgotten your password or username, please click ‘Forgot Password’ and enter your email address. You will receive the sign-in details on your registered email address.
You can create job assistants to view the latest jobs that match your profile. Job assistants search jobs for you even when you are not logged in, they will identify new matching jobs and email the job details to your registered email account. You can create multiple jobs assistants for multiple profiles.
Employers indicate their interest in contacting a job seeker after reviewing your Dulscojobs matching profile and resume. If you agree to release it, Dulscojobs will provide it to this employer only. If not, your contact information will remain anonymous to the employer requesting it.
Dulscojobs provides you with the option to store multiple resumes and covering letters and apply to as many jobs as you like. It gives you the number of times your resume has been viewed by employers.
Dulscojobs asks for your contact information for several reasons. While an email address is necessary in order sign in to your account, you may also opt to provide telephone number, SMS information (text to a mobile device) to enable potential employers to reach you via those methods. You can monitor your contact information with our confidentiality option.
Currently, Dulscojobs is matching job seekers to jobs with great companies in the Middle East. The greatest volume of jobs on Dulscojobs is in the UAE; however Dulscojobs continues to expand to more cities.
Yes, Dulscojobs is able to tell you the number of times your resume has been viewed by employers. This information shall be displayed on the My Space page.
No, at this stage Dulscojobs will not be able to tell the name of the employers who have viewed your resume.
No. Features such as Photo, Career map are optional.
This is a representation of your skills, work experience and aspirations. This will display your work experiences to add/change skills in your experience map.

Following is a sample of the professions Dulscojobs covers, and we continue to add new ones on a continuous basis:

  • Accounting/Finance (audit, CPA, CFO, controller, finance analyst, accountant, retail banking, corporate finance, etc)
  • Administrative (EA, Admin Assistant, receptionist, front office facilities mgt, etc)
  • Banking
  • Biotechnology / Pharmaceuticals
  • Business Analysts / Consultants / Project Management
  • Call Center / Customer Service
  • Construction
  • Education/Training
  • Engineering
  • Government Contract / Intel
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources (recruiting, labor relations, compensation/benefits, HRIS , generalist, training, etc)
  • IT ( network/system admin., developer, tech mgt, software design, tech writing, etc)
  • Insurance
  • Journalism
  • Legal
  • Logistics/Operations
  • Oil& Gas
  • Management
  • Marketing (brand, channel mgt, event, research, design, product mgt, advertising, marcom, database, etc)
  • Medical (nursing, dental, pharmacy, technologist/technician, etc)
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Safety
  • Sales
  • Quality
  • And Others
Dulscojobs has full time, part-time and contract positions and will match according to your matching profile preferences.
You will see ranked, matching jobs instantly! Once you key in your search criteria, Dulscojobs will present you with a list of jobs that meet your specific requirements.
Organizations of all industries and sizes post their jobs on Dulscojobs, knowing that they will find the best candidates.
You can start by signing in and doing a job search based on your requirements. Once you apply for the active jobs that match your role, the select employers will be able to view your application. It is up to the employer to reach out to you directly using the contact information you provided if they would like to learn more about you.
Dulscojobs highly recommends that you upload your resume. This step is mandatory to apply for jobs and manage your profile and account.
Dulscojobs works towards providing intelligent matching between qualified candidates and the best job openings. Dulscojobs’ Search Engine will pick up the responses you have filled in when it matches the employer’s queries. This increases your chance of being noticed by the employers and speeds up the selection process. It’s these details that go into Dulscojobs’ matching algorithm, not the text or keywords on a resume. While a resume can help complete your profile, it cannot be used to match you to the right job on Dulscojobs.
Currently Dulscojobs accepts documents in the following formats: Microsoft Word (.DOC), Rich Text Format (.RTF), and Plain Text (.TXT). The file size must be less than 1MB. If you cannot upload your resume, please contact our customer service department at and they can either help you upload it or upload it for you.
Protecting your contact information is a vital part of Dulscojobs’ mission. The enhanced confidential functionality gives you peace of mind that Your Dulscojobs Page will not be discovered by your present employer or unscrupulous individuals. Our optional private or “alias” feature allows you to decide which information to protect, including name and present job. You can then decide whether to divulge your contact information on a request-only basis and only when you have been assured this information is being requested from an employer of interest. As soon as you initially activate your job matching profile, we will give you the option of pre-approving your top employer matches to see your contact information.
The default profile picks up the first resume & cover letter that you have saved for every application that you apply for, unless you choose a different resume for the mentioned position.
You can choose whether you would like Dulscojobs to notify you about your matches, based on your search by activating Job assistants and alternatively by clicking on Mail me similar jobs.
Dulscojobs will automatically notify you when a job you are pursuing is no longer available.
Dulscojobs matches you to the best jobs for you based on how you select your skills, experience, education and desires. If you would like to improve your match results, you may want to revisit your search criteria. Example: If your experience is in sales and you sell online applications, make sure you select the Sales Profession instead of Information Technology.
If you’re not sure which Profession is best for your experience, please contact our Customer Service department at so they can help you select the best profession and ensure that you receive the most relevant job matches. In the rare occurrence that Dulscojobs does not have a job that matches your skills, experience, education and desires, Dulscojobs will contact you immediately via email once you are matched to one of the many new positions our employers add daily.
Yes! All you need to do is create Job assistants to work for you at all times; even when you are not logged in. This way you can be sure that all relevant and fresh job openings are in your inbox for you to view and apply for.